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Why I actually voted Labour – from a young person

I have seen a lot of negative comments on social media about how the high youth turn out in the 2017 General Election ‘ruined’ the election. I’d like to put forward my opinion on this, particularly as I did indeed vote for Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour party.

Now first of all I’m not claiming to be a political genius, though people who have read my fairly constant political posts on Facebook may like to differ on that! Nevertheless, after all, as you will have noticed this is a sports blog, so apologies if this isn’t what you were expecting.

I am merely trying to explain to people my reasons for voting Labour, and to hopefully change some people’s minds who perhaps have a narrow view of the youth vote, which was reported to be an impressive 72% turnout. Well done by the way guys!

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We proved many people wrong and had our say. Leaving Theresa May worse off than before and her party losing seats in places like Ipswich which has returned to Labour, fantastic!

However for some people it appears this youth turnout was a negative. It was seeing tweets like this that has enraged me over recent days:

Now firstly, I feel that the mobilisation and activity of young people this election has disproved the stereotype that we are all lazy. (Well done, again!)

Secondly, Labour did in my opinion, offer young people the most positives in terms of policies. The scrapping of tuition fees was one of the key policies which probably clenched Labour the vote of many young people.

As a working class University student myself, at times money has indeed been tight. However I have always managed to get by and I have thoroughly enjoyed my first year at university. But I must stress that this free education was not the key reason why I voted for the party.

I voted Labour because I believed that the poverty levels here in Britain are disgustingly high. I could only see it worsening under the Tories.

Moreover, the threat I perceived the Conservatives also posed to our public services like the NHS was far too great. It was clear to me cutting services was not the way forward and I genuinely feared what another Tory government would bring.

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Not to mention that the Labour manifesto was costed, unlike the Tory one.

I also felt that besides the Conservatives’ policies, which did not appeal to me at all, that Theresa May appeared to be very robotic. She would blurt out ‘strong and stable’ while she U-turned some of her manifesto’s points and would refuse to debate with Corbyn. It’s like applying for a job and refusing to attend the interview!

This was a stark contrast compared to Jeremy Corbyn, who was very comfortable in his own skin, proud of his manifesto and was happy to meet the electorate.

I voted for sensible, caring politics that I hoped would help re-build the country. NOT because I am a lazy young person who wants everything handed to themselves on a plate, which I fail to see how Labour were doing anyway.

In addition to this, I am confused when I see tweets like the one below. But I am not surprised that so many people voted for a Tory manifesto that offers little hope for the future, if people genuinely believe things like this:

Now everyone is entitled to their opinion but answer me this. How is just that a nurse for example, who does an extremely hard job in my opinion, is then labelled ‘lazy’ by some people, because they have to use a food bank to live?

We live in a wealthy country, this harsh situation that many hard working people face is disgusting.

Now I recognise that there will always be people better off than others in society but surely the richer people in society should pay some more to ensure this doesn’t have to happen. We shouldn’t have to have food banks in the first place, it is unacceptable.
How can you not want a society that has benefits for everyone?!

May’s gamble hasn’t paid off and the country is thrust into an even more uncertain place with Brexit negotiations just around the corner.

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When she tried scaring people that Corbyn would make a ‘coalition of chaos’, just look at her links now with the DUP, ah irony.

Finally, Corbyn should be immensely proud.

He rocketed by as much as 20 points in the polls and defied every expectation this election. Labour put forward a set of exciting and caring policies and have realigned British politics for at least a generation. Let’s just work on those high fives ey, Jezza?

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