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Thank you to the England National Team – 2018 World Cup

Thank you to Gareth Southgate, the England players and staff:

Strangers were hugging each other, singing ‘Three Lions’ while throwing pints in the air. Roads were shut down with people dancing in the middle of them, and I’m buying 100 waistcoats.

Club loyalties have been set aside and the country has been brought together in inspiration and adoration.

You’ve given us a Harry Kane last-gasp winner against Tunisia.

Harry Kane’s brace against Tunisia.

You’ve given us a thrilling game with six goals against Panama.

You’ve even given us a surreal penalty shootout victory against Columbia, (and I never thought I’d be singing ‘Three Lions’ with that Robert bloke from Emmerdale in the boozer after that win, but there go).

That’s the moment ‘It’s coming home’ went from naive optimism to a feeling of real optimism.

The national team have done our country proud. I’ve never really been nervous watching England before, just when I’m watching my team Rotherham. But my goodness, the way you’ve got myself and millions of others invested in this World Cup genuinely believing, is amazing.

There’s still a game to play against Belgium for third place, but I imagine it’s a bittersweet feeling for the nation.

The likes of the Scottish and the Welsh can make their jokes, but if anything, the jokes’ on them.

The World Cup trophy itself may not be coming home, but football most certainly is.

A country divided is now a country united together. Let’s keep it that way.

Southgate you’re the one…

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