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INTERVIEW: Leeds Trinity Saints miss out on title, but are hopeful for the future

Rugby Union side Leeds Trinity Saints narrowly missed out on winning the title this season despite a rampant 102-0 victory over Bolton on the final game of the season.

In that fixture the Saints scored a whopping 16 trys and 11 conversions.

The Saints finished in second place in the league table. Just one more victory would have seen them clinch the title, however in the end the Saints trailed just 5 points behind the eventual title winners.

The University of Liverpool Men’s Rugby Union 4th Team secured the title with a 73-6 win over Bangor, in a game where Liverpool scored 12 trys and 6 conversions.

I spoke to Leeds Trinity Saints’ flanker Joe Sanderson about his first season playing for the Saints.

A visibly disappointed Sanderson exclaimed: “Missing out on the league by such a narrow margin, is not good in any way”.

He added: “To lose it by one game is devastating especially when we’ve played so well all year.”

The Saints only lost one game all season, which happened to be against the league winners, in a 12-27 loss at home.

However the first year who applied to be team captain last month, was optimistic about the team’s chances of success next year, and remarked: “We want to build on what the captain’s done and we’ve got a team that can get promoted.”

The full interview with Joe is available below:

Many thanks to Joe for taking the time to talk to me.

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